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Our Work =

Music + Students

(it's not very complicated)


We're On a Mission

The Butcher Boy School Of Music Production is a Non Profit Organization that enables high school age students to learn the art and science of music production and audio engineering in a world class environment. 

Did you know...

  • Butcher Boy studios has state of the art equipment for music engineering and production. Check out our inventory!

  • High school students have used Butcher Boy studios for 100s of hours of free recording and engineering sessions

  • Engineering and production programs are unavailable for high school students - or prohibitively expensive.

Our Team


Jim Tullio (Executive Director)

Jim has over fifty years experience in the field and seventeen years experience teaching courses at Columbia College in Chicago. View Jim's Discography.

Soren Dorr (Production/Engineering Assistant)

Soren is a 2021 Graduate of ETHS with a growing skill set in engineering and production and a deep passion for music.

Board of Directors

Patrick Hughes (DBD, Byline Bank) ​

Jobi Cates (Executive Director, Restore Justice)

Lauren Tullio-Wagner (RISE International)

Neil Gambow  (Mayor's Employer Advisory Council)

Martin Andrews (Communications Director, inquirED)

Kyle Wagner (Head of Publishing, UC Press)


Pete Bavis (AS Curriculum and Instruction ,ETHS)

Tana Francellno  (Mayor's Employer Advisory Council) 

Matt Bufis (Director of Bands, ETHS)

We're Building a Legacy

We believe in the power of music to change lives. We've seen it and felt it. We want to pass on the power of music to the next generation. Contact us to find out how you can support our mission. 

Special Thanks to our Monthly Donors

Martin & Carly Andrews

Michelle McKinney Hammond

The Alan Ichiyasu Memorial Fund

Celebrating his life as a gifted composer/producer and extraordinary being

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