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"Stuck On You" - Ryan Tharayil & Maddie Mackenzie


Session Details

Writers: Maggie Mackenzie & Ryan Tharayil

Vocals: Maggie Mackenzie

Drums: Renato Milline

Bass: Soren Dorr

Piano: Michael Schmidt

Guitar: Danny Ochoa

Sax: Ryan Tharayil

Strings: Howard Godfrey

Percussion: Jim Tullio

Produced by Jim Tullio & Ryan Tharayil

Mixed & Mastered by Jim Tullio

Assisted by Soren Dorr

About the Artists

Ryan Tharayil recorded the first song done as a part of the Butcher Boy School Of Music Production program. Three years and 103 songs later he's back serving jazzy hits that get stuck in your head. After graduating ETHS in 2020 he's gone on to the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studies music production, composition and performance. He teamed up with Maggie Mackenzie, who brought the lyrics and a killer vocal performance, to write this song. Would love to hear more from the duo... fingers crossed.

Find Ryan Tharayil at:


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