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"The Loneliest Star" - Maddie Caro (ETHS 2022)


Session Details

Session Date: 01/03/2022-01/04/2022

Writer: Maddie Caro

Vocals & Piano: Maddie Caro

Drums: Travis T. Bernard

Bass: Soren Dorr

Percussion & Electric Guitar: Jim Tullio

Organ: Chris "Hambone" Cameron

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Tullio

Assisted by Soren Dorr

About the Artist

Over Maddie's winter break we've had the pleasure of recording a couple original songs with her here at Butcher Boy. Her lyricism and piano playing have a unique twist on nostalgic themes. The combination makes for a very unique sound. Excited to hear more songs from her in the future!


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