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"Waiting Line" - Red Hook Jungle


Session Details

Session Date: 3/16/2022 - 3/19/2022

Writers: Luca Piattoni, Thomas Hart

Vocals & Keys: Thomas Hart

Drums: Travis T. Bernard

Bass & Guitar: Zach Winkler

Guitar: Luca Piattoni

Produced, Engineered & Mixed By Jim Tullio

Assisted by Soren Dorr

Artist Statement

"Waiting line was a very cool song to finally record. we incapsulated more of our influences from funk and smooth r and b from the 70s. the songs lyrics take inspiration from being impatient with small situations and big changes within life. The mix of the guitar lines and the space back drop make for a song that I am proud to say I helped create." - Luca Piattoni

About the Artist

Red Hook Jungle, an Evanston band, has been going strong since 2017 creating some great music along the way. Their debut album American Appetites is out on all your favorite streaming services as well as their EP, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.

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Behind the Scenes


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