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"Wake Up" - Thomas Hart


Session Details

Session Date: 4/1/2023 - 4/3/2023

Artist: Thomas Hart

Keys, Synths, Vocals: Thomas Hart

Drums: Travis T. Bernard

Percussion: Jim Tullio

Produced, Engineered & Mixed By Jim Tullio

Assisted by Soren Dorr

About the Artist

Thomas has been a huge part of the Butcher Boy Program since its beginnings. In the last couple years he's recorded on 30+ songs, half of them he either wrote or co wrote. He's a writer and member of GreanTTea and the Tempos, a member of the band Red Hook Jungle and plays live with Monroe (all bands that have recorded at Butcher Boy). Thomas has a unique artistic voice that carries over everything he touches whether its a piano, drum kit, synth, guitar, bass, pan flute, wood block, kazoo..... or microphone. He also celebrated his 19th birthday last night!

Give Meditate by Thomas Hart a listen, it's the first song we put on this blog.

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