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"Intuition" - Chidera Anyasor


Session Date: 12/29/2023-12/30/2023

Writer: Chidera Anyasor, TT Miller & Mamii

Vocals & Guitar: Chidera Anyasor

Drums: Travis T. Bernard

Bass & Guitar: Soren Dorr

Keys: Thomas Hart

Percussion: Jim Tullio

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Jim Tullio & Soren Dorr

About the Artist

This is our first time recording with Chidera. This track features a lush vocal arrangement and funky instrumental. Chidera's style blends his choral training and guitar playing with neo-soul and indie flavors. He collaborated on the composition of the song with TT from GreanTtea & the Tempos and Mamii.

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