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Spring Break Students 2024


Two students from ETHS came to Butcher Boy Studios for a week as a part of the MEAC Spring Job Shadow Program to learn about how we make art and careers in the music industry.

Last week we worked with Prince Martin (ETHS 2024) and Arthur Mitchell (ETHS 2026). Arthur is trying to take the next step with his rapping and develop his sound. Prince is interested in game development and making music with friends. Both of them want to learn how to make beats to help them with their goals. This led us to dive into sampling, a process where pre-existing recordings are repurposed for new tracks. It's a cornerstone of rap/beat production and one of the most useful tools we have for making tracks at Butcher Boy Studios.

This is a part of an original song we worked on together featuring Prince and Arthur rapping. We used many of samples to make the beat, primarily a recording from pianist and composer George Gershwin and a monologue from Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. We made several beats together and we all learned a lot in the process.


Prince took guitar lessons years ago but hasn't had a guitar lately. Fortunately this guitar was donated to us last year for us to give to a student. He has the guitar now, Happy Practicing!


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